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What are my experiences with petsitting?

I’ve cared for different animals (Mammals, reptiles & rodents) ever since I was 13 years old and have worked at Hilltop Animal Hospital for a year at 17 years old. So I personally know each and every pet deserve unconditional, unique and patient love. I also understand that life can be hard so my prices are ALWAYS negotiable and I always offer cleaning & plant care along with my overnight sitting services. I’m experienced in sitting large and small dogs so no I’m not afraid of your adorable cane corsos and german shepherds lol. I love all pets!❤️I have a sitter score of 90 and 5 star reviews on Rover with 3 returning clients! Right now I’m doing online phlebotomy courses and I’m not working at the moment due to classes so dog sitting fits into my schedule perfectly! I’m also looking for returning clients as I love being a regular sitter for owners who travel for work. I love taking Polaroid photos for my returning clients and giving them discounts! I make sure any and all pets eat, drink water and have  toys to play with! And sometimes a playful companion (if needed or allowed). I love all pets equally and have loads of patience especially with larger dogs, older dogs or territorial dogs and of course dogs with potty training issues. They just need patience. The largest pet I’ve cared for is a Cane Corso and Dalmatian and the smallest being a guinea pig & hamster, teacup chihuahua and Pygmy piglet (very random I know). Thanks for taking the time to read my description. I truly appreciate it! 

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The Pet Lover all Pets and Owners Adore and Deeply Miss!

Starting this business, We at Zummies Pet Sitting Service is proud to serve the North Carolina Cary, Apex, Nelson, Durham, Raleigh and Morrisville area. We’re committed to not only providing quality services, but going above and beyond to ensure our clients are completely satisfied and their pets are always happy and active. We welcome you to look through our site to see all services we have to offer.

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We decided to start our own dog/cat sitting business so we can be affordable for others and attract the same kind of dog/cat owners that really adore and love animals just as much as we do. Plus we made this website so owners can find a experienced sitter who knows what they’re doing when dealing with elderly dogs, puppies and large dogs. We simply adore when pets have an active lifestyle and get undivided attention and love. They are much happier and healthier. We love to see pets at play especially when they get the....ZUMMIES (zoomiez) Which is where we got the name for our website!😆❤️

In this day and time it can be a challenge to find trust worthy sitters to have the most important attributes; compassion, love and patience. Especially with all these pet sitting apps allowing anybody with no experience to become a pet sitter. So look no further! Safety is my highest priority for both myself and my new furry friends. I provide morning, evening and night walks and I also provide plant care and cleaning services. For my returning clients, I provide a discount and Polaroid photos of their pets! (See photos) My prices are always negotiable as I understand that life is getting difficult for ALL of us.
 And I also provide "NIGHT IN THE TOWN" option which includes bringing your pet for a weekend drop off where they can have some furr mommy time where your pet can get undivided attention along with trips to different dog parks and play places. This service is on first come first serve basis and will consist of one pet utilizing this service at a time for their comfort. This service is for weekends only and pet owners who just want a break or vacation on weekends utilize this service. This service is also meant for dogs who need some healing and undivided attention (shelter babies) as I do have foster care experience. Once it's time for your furr baby to go to bed they will enjoy staying in a very comfortable XXL size dog bed (with clean blankets) enjoying an owner approved healthy snack. Your furr baby will not be alone but will be sharing the living room (separated) with a emotional support pit whom is my very very gentle furr baby. She loves all pets, even the ones that don’t like her. She’s the emotional support pit at our local shelter and is known to calm other pets (including cats) when they’re anxious. If you’d prefer your dog to not be in contact with other pets, that can easily be arranged. Instead your pet will stay in my room and spend the night with me and if you aren’t comfortable with that, I have a XXL size crate with a soft dog bed inside. Your Furry baby may even be a star in his/own tic tok reel if asked🌟🐕🐩🐶🌟
Check Out My Rover Reviews!

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I want to be your GO-TO for your pet sitting needs. Im currently offering a deal to  ALL first time bookings as a thank you for choosing me for your pet sitting needs. A flat rate of $130 or less no matter the service, doesn’t matter how long. First time bookings ONLY! 

I’m available all day and night and if I don’t pick up the phone, simply shoot me a text or email and I should respond in less than 7 hours.I do provide Emergency/Last Minute after hours services also.

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Zummies Pet Sitting Service is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

Wake County Area

Call or Shoot us a text! 9193493036

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Zummies Pet Sitting Services:
Week Rates: $220 a week Day Rates: $36 a day
NIGHT IN THE TOWN SERVICE:$320 Housesitting Service Includes: Plant Care & House cleaning First Time Bookings: Flat rate of

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I provide housesitting services for all pets and my rate is $36 a day. But for first time bookings no matter the service your price will be $130 or less unless you’re choosing the “Night In The Town” service. Housesitting services include house cleaning, plant care and full time pet care. I do morning, evening (if it’s not too hot for their paws) and night walks with a lot of play. If allowed I’ll take your dog to a dog park or walking trail for some fun and new smells!



This is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a big difference for many of our clients and is provided with the highest level of excellence. Cost: $320 With this service you would drop your fur baby off at my home on weekends and pick them up on Sunday or Monday. This service provides, food, water, bed & blankets and a lot of play. Along with free trips to different dog parks and walking trails! And a emotional support pit if needed and allowed by owner. This service is utilized by owners who would like a weekend to themselves or for owners with shelter babies who need healing. Whenever you work with Zummies Pet Sitting Service, you can trust that your fur baby is in great hands!

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